Nexus Letters in Cobb County, GA

Discover the pivotal role of a nexus letter in securing your deserved benefits with Alcohol and Drug Evaluations The Diversion Center. Located in Cobb County, GA, we specialize in crafting comprehensive nexus letters for veterans, bridging the gap between military service and medical conditions for VA claims.

cynthia johnsoncynthia johnson
14:56 13 Mar 23
Just let me start off by saying, it was painless and easy. I felt real stressed in the beginning. We just took one step at a time. Derek's goal was clearly, to help me move forward. Robin treated me as individual who made a mistake. The staff I was paired with were professional and answered all my questions. They (SAP) were on time and quick to get the Alchol and Drug Assessment finished. Thanks again J.Johnson
Joa BarronJoa Barron
23:55 21 Nov 22
I'm blown away. Derek Collins goes above and beyond for his clients. Not only does he take the time to understand your situation, he went the extra mile to encourage motivation and a positive future that's ahead of me. If anyone is looking for a Evaluation I highly recommend this place 10X over. Thank you Derek for the integrity you put into your company and my situation.
Don MegaDon Mega
21:59 21 Oct 22
Great place to do an alcohol and drug evaluation. Derek was cool and down to earth and I got value out of the conversation. This was not what I expected and was surprised that I enjoyed this process. Keep it real with Mr. Collins and he will keep it real with you.
Christie JacobsChristie Jacobs
17:47 21 Oct 22
I had a wonderful experience with Derek at the alcohol and drug evaluation in Marietta..him and his staff are great at helping me out. I was about to pay another place less money for an evaluation, but I figured that you get what you pay for. Plus they seemed shady and money hungry. I'm happy with the services I received at this center. DEREK is super cool.
Jessica BrownJessica Brown
21:05 20 Sep 22
I can't say enough great things about the Diversion Center and their processes. I was so impressed with the scheduling staff. They were available via text, phone, and email. They asked questions so I could make sure I was getting the right assessment and were able to schedule same-day! They talked me through the process and then follow-up with me on the paperwork to let me know they received it. Derek Collins worked with me on my assessments. The very best thing is he was real. It didn't feel like talking to a robot or just someone going down a list of questions. He was honest and authentic. That made me feel like it was a safe space to be honest and authentic. He listened to me. It was the perfect mix of professional mixed with human compassion and understanding. I would recommend anyone seeking any assessment to reach out to the Diversion Center immediately.

Empowering Veterans with Nexus Letters in Cobb County, GA

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations The Diversion Center stands as a beacon of support for veterans across Cobb County, GA, offering specialized services in alcohol and drug evaluations and counseling. Understanding the critical need for nexus letters, our expert team dedicates itself to providing detailed documentation that establishes a clear connection between military service and subsequent health issues. Nexus letters are indispensable in the pursuit of disability benefits, serving as a linchpin in validating claims with the Veterans Affairs department.


Our commitment extends beyond mere documentation; we engage deeply with each veteran’s unique story, ensuring that every nexus letter we produce is both personalized and persuasive. With Alcohol and Drug Evaluations The Diversion Center, veterans find not just professional support, but a partner invested in securing their rightful compensation and benefits. By leveraging our expertise in nexus letters, we aim to ease the journey towards recognition and relief for those who’ve served.

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