A 4-Hour Court-Approved Program

Alcohol & Drug Awareness CLASS


Alcohol & Drug Awareness Class

A 4-Hour Court-Approved Program

This class, also known as ASAM 0.5, is a 4-hour early intervention program intended for first-offenders who are at-risk of becoming habitual users, but have not yet become entrenched in a drug addict’s lifestyle. This one-time class is designed to educate about the dangers of long-term use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. We have morning and evening classes available. Upon completion of the 4 hour course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion. This class is Court-Approved in the state of Georgia.

This Class will review:

  • The Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Legal Issues
  • Employment Issues
  • Personal and Professional Issues
  • Relapse Prevention
  • State-Dependent Learning
  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Triggers and more
alcohol & drug awareness class in Georgia with The Diversion Center


Schedule for Location

Classes Offered Online for All Locations


Tuesday 10am-2pm

Tuesday 6pm-10pm

Saturday 12pm-4pm


Wednesday 6pm-10pm

Saturday 9am-1pm


Thursday 6pm-10pm

Saturday 8am-12pm