The Diversion Center’s Mentorship Curriculum: How to Be Successful With or Without a College Degree” dives deep into the effects of social media, reality television, and the culture of instant gratification on our perceptions and behaviors. This curriculum is designed to help participants move from a state of unintentional living to one of intentionality, utilizing their emotions and inherent skills to create winning strategies. It focuses on developing four critical emotional intelligence skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Participants will be encouraged to practice delayed gratification, establish principles that foster high self-worth, and achieve personal fulfillment. The workbook challenges individuals to define what success means to them, think independently, and embark on a more intentional and rewarding life journey.

Key Features of the Workbook:

  • Explores the impact of modern cultural phenomena on decision-making and self-perception.
  • Emphasizes the development of essential emotional intelligence skills.
  • Encourages readers to challenge societal norms and align their actions with their personal values.
  • Provides practical exercises for improving decision-making and fostering long-term success.

About the Author: Derek Collins, founder of The Diversion Center, is a seasoned entrepreneur who transformed his struggles with insecurity and unemployment into a successful career in counseling and personal development. With advanced degrees and numerous certifications, Derek has dedicated his career to inspiring others to believe in themselves and achieve their full potential.

About The Diversion Center: The Diversion Center is a court-approved outpatient treatment facility headquartered in Marietta, GA. It provides court and employer-mandated classes, evaluations, and trainings for counselors in the private practice field. The center is committed to helping individuals achieve personal and professional success through a variety of innovative programs and services.

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