Court Approved

Services for Inmates

Services for Inmates

Supportive Evaluations to Expedite Your Release

We recognize the importance of mandated Alcohol and Drug Assessments, Anger Management Reviews, Clinical (DUI) Appraisals, Family Violence Intervention Program Admissions, and other related evaluations. To support you in meeting these mandates, we can coordinate a visit to facilities within 40 miles of 30046. Our dedicated, certified counselors will help fulfill the necessary evaluations, ensuring you or your loved one can move forward.

Tailored Inmate Services in Georgia at the Diversion Center

Should you need a court-ordered assessment or class for an inmate, reach out to us promptly. We’re committed to facilitating the process efficiently.

For our specialized evaluations or classes within correctional facilities, our fee stands at $1000. To initiate the process, contact our office at (404) 503-8069. Your swift transition is our priority.

services for inmates in Georgia, Diversion Center

If you need a court-mandated evaluation or class for an inmate, contact us immediately so we can get the ball rolling.

Our fee for providing a evaluation or class in  jail is $1000.  Call our office at (404) 503-8069 to get started ASAP.

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