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We provide affordable SAP Evaluations to help you get through the SAP Program and Return To Duty (RTD) process. We have a excellent track record and over 300 five star reviews on Google. We have helped hundreds of drivers get back to work and we can help you too. Call us today at 1-800-451-2170.

We also provide virtual SAP Evaluations nationwide and can get you started from any state or city. We offer our SAP Program Monday through Saturday and our team can get you scheduled right away.

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SAP Evaluations


To start, you will receive an in-person SAP evaluation. During this time, you will fill out paperwork covering topics like your family’s history of substance abuse, mental and medical health, and more.

SAP Program


Our qualified Substance Abuse Professional is trained to complete evaluations for employees in safety sensitive positions regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Alcohol & Drug Evaluations


To request an evaluation at the Sap Program Dot you don’t need to be certain that alcohol or other drugs are a problem. The purpose of an evaluation is to determine if alcohol or other drugs are a problem.

Your SAP Evaluator

Derek Collins is a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He has helped hundreds of drivers complete the SAP Program and he can help you too.

Email him directly at dcollins@thediversioncenter.com

Get Back to Work ASAP With SAP Evaluation

What Is The SAP Evaluation Process?

1. You will meet with a qualified SAP who will ask you questions about your violation, drug and alcohol use history, employment history, abuse history, family history, and any other relevant information. This evaluation is used to determine the level of care for your SAP Program.

2. Recommendations for education and/or treatment will be given to you based on your specific needs. We will refer you to a education or treatment provider.

3. You will complete the education or treatment and retun to us to complete your follow evaluation with the SAP Evaluator.

3. You will complete the education or treatment and retun to us to complete your follow evaluation with the SAP Evaluator.

4. You will be cleared to take a return to duty test.

5. The SAP Evaluator will send your evaluation to your employer or third party consortium. You take a return to duty test and pass it. Your employer or third party consortium will report this information and you will able to return to safety sensitive duty and go back to work.

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Derek was super easy to talk to and was very genuine. I had a lot of reservations about all of this because normally you get these people that don't understand the struggle and you just feel like you're being judged the whole time. But he really related to me and I appreciated what he had to say.

Tj Wyrick

I have nothing but great things to say. My experience was painless. Follow the program as told and you will come out on the other side. Everyone deserves a second chance why not let them help. “Stay negative people”

Marlon Colston

I can't say enough great things about the Diversion Center and their processes. I was so impressed with the scheduling staff. They were available via text, phone, and email. They asked questions so I could make sure I was getting the right assessment and were able to schedule same-day! They talked me through the process and then follow-up with me on the paperwork to let me know they received it. Derek Collins worked with me on my assessments. The very best thing is he was real. It didn't feel like talking to a robot or just someone going down a list of questions. He was honest and authentic. That made me feel like it was a safe space to be honest and authentic. He listened to me. It was the perfect mix of professional mixed with human compassion and understanding. I would recommend anyone seeking any assessment to reach out to the Diversion Center immediately.

Jessica Brown

I would very strongly recommend this place to everyone. Derek is an amazing person to talk too. He makes you feel comfortable, and the process is truly refreshing. Derek is very relatable and a true professional as well.

Michelle Bowsky

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