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Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Court - Approved Alcohol and Drug Evaluation - Non DUI

Alcohol & Drug Evaluations – Jonesboro, GA

Court and Employer Mandated Evaluations

Alcohol & Drug Evaluations are available at our office in Jonesboro, Georgia. Evaluations are available by appointment only. The evaluation is a 45-60 minute consultation that determines if you need alcohol or drug treatment, and if you do, how much you need. We only recommend treatment to those who need it.

We evaluate personal history, work history, attitude, emotional stability, criminal history and alcohol/drug use through personal interview and assessment tools. Your counselor will discuss the results of the evaluation with you, and based on the findings, recommend a course of action.

Non-DUI Alcohol & Drug Evaluations - Court approved
Not every alcohol and drug evaluation is the same. At the Diversion Center, we pride ourselves on the fact that we never recommend treatment to someone who does not need it. Our counselors have the most knowledge about available addiction programs, and use that knowledge to provide the proper intervention. Although you may not be happy about coming to our facility, we make it our goal to help you before you leave.

The standard turn-around time for an alcohol and drug evaluation is 3-5 business days; however, if you need the evaluation completed the same-day or next-day, the evaluation is subject to a $50 rush fee. Except in special cases, all clients should receive their treatment recommendation before leaving the Diversion Center, and they should receive a receipt they can use to prove that they have completed the evaluation, in lieu of the physical evaluation.

Please make sure that you arrive at your appointment time with your photo ID, cash payment, and your probation officer, pretrial officer, or lawyer’s accurate fax information so we can forward the evaluation to the people who are requiring it.

To get an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation in Jonesboro, Stockbridge, Riverdale, Fayetteville, or Clayton County call 404-503-8069.

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A DUI Evaluation, also known as a clinical evaluation, is completed by a clinical evaluator specially certified by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities DUI Intervention Program. The clinical evaluator is specially trained to deal with DUI cases, and must comply with special restrictions, fill out special paperwork, and report evaluations to the state. Because this is a Georgia requirement, those who receive a DUI in another state do not require the services of a clinical evaluator. In addition, if your DUI charge was reduced to reckless driving, you do not need a clinical evaluation.

Alcohol & drug evaluations are completed by, or under the supervision of, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. This is not a counseling session; the appointment is made to determine if the client has a substance abuse problem, and how much treatment intervention is required to prevent relapse. Any charge that is not a DUI from Georgia can be treated as a non-DUI appointment.


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