Counselor Certification & Training Programs

At The Diversion Center, we proudly offer a range of comprehensive services to support professionals in the court-mandated treatment industry. Our offerings include Counselor Certification and Training Programs, thoughtfully crafted curricula for facilitating court-mandated classes, expert consulting services for launching your own treatment facility, and engaging workbooks designed to keep clients motivated and invested in their transformative journeys.

Our workbooks are meticulously designed to foster self-reflection, recognizing that self-awareness is the cornerstone of conquering addiction, criminal patterns, and embracing long-term positive change. Ranging from 100 to 150 pages, these thought-provoking resources are ideally suited for group programs, while also adaptable for individual sessions. Our workbooks are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and are crafted to be utilized by counselors at any stage of their careers, encouraging clients to contemplate different situations and draw upon their personal experiences, rather than seeking a right or wrong answer.

If you’re interested in acquiring these powerful workbooks, we invite you to visit Experience the transformative impact of our engaging resources and empower your clients on their journey to personal growth and rehabilitation.

Join us at The Diversion Center and together, let’s make a lasting difference in the lives of those seeking positive change.

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Certified Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialist Training

This training delivers deeper insight into why people shoplift and commit acts of theft. By completing this training, facilitators will be able to provide court mandated shoplifting classes and effectively work with offenders who have committed crimes of theft and shoplifting.

Trainees will receive 6 CEs approved by NAADAC for completion of this training. Trainees have 14 days from the date of enrolling to complete the training, although the training itself will take only 6 hours to complete.

Certified Anger Management Specialist Training

Are you passionate about helping individuals, both juveniles and adults, effectively manage their anger and reduce violence? Our comprehensive anger management certification program is designed to equip professionals like you with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective anger management classes.

During this training, you will learn valuable techniques to assist participants in managing their anger and gaining control over their responses to triggers. By exploring various strategies, you will help participants reduce negative outbursts and prevent emotional hijacking, allowing them to respond to challenging situations in a more constructive manner.

One of the key focuses of this certification training is to empower participants with coping strategies that they can use in their daily lives. By teaching them self-awareness, preventative strategies, social skills, and personal development techniques, you will enable them to handle anger more effectively and improve their overall emotional well-being.

Additionally, this program will provide you with the tools to help participants evaluate their perception, values, thought management, and conditioning. By understanding these underlying factors, participants can gain a deeper insight into their anger triggers and work towards lasting behavioral change.

Upon completion of this certification training, you will be able to offer psychoeducation to your clients, whether in one-on-one sessions or group settings. This training is highly recognized, and trainees will receive 6 Continuing Education (CE) credits approved by NAADAC.

The training itself is designed to be convenient and time-efficient. Trainees have a window of 14 days from the date of enrollment to complete the program, although the training itself will only take approximately 6 hours. This flexibility allows you to fit the training into your schedule while still gaining the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact.

Join us for this anger management certification training and gain invaluable strategies to help others overcome emotional hijacking and aggressive behavior. You will delve into the psychology of anger, explore the effects it has on the mind and body, and learn evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Furthermore, you will gain insights into the importance of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness in anger management.

Take the first step towards becoming a certified anger management professional and make a difference in the lives of individuals seeking to manage their anger effectively. Enroll now and unlock the potential to transform lives through understanding, support, and effective anger management techniques.

Certified Parenting Instructor Training

This training reviews important topics discussed in parenting and will certify you to teach court mandated parenting classes. The topics reviewed in this course include building rapport, understanding child development, adverse childhood experiences, healthy communication, positive discipline, and more.

Trainees have 14 days from the date of enrolling to complete the training. No continuing education hours are included in this training.

How to Start a Court Mandated Private Practice (Online Training) 

Unlock the Key to Establishing a Profitable Court-Mandated Practice

Have you ever considered venturing into the world of court-mandated classes? Look no further, as our comprehensive training program offers the insights and knowledge you need to successfully start and operate a thriving court-mandated business.

Through our convenient online training program, you’ll gain the essential tools to establish a profitable private practice catering to court-mandated clients. We provide a wealth of valuable resources to ensure your success, including advanced marketing training to help you attract clients, evaluation templates for streamlined processes, curriculum downloads for effective class delivery, coaching videos for guidance, and professionally crafted intake paperwork.

The training program is designed to equip you with proven strategies that not only enhance your business acumen but also maximize your earning potential. By enrolling in this comprehensive program, you’ll gain the insights necessary to effectively market your services, learn how to gain more time and freedom, and earn six figures or more the easy way.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Enroll today by calling 404-503-8069 and take the first step towards establishing a profitable private practice. We provide expert training than is cheaper than college and delivers 10x more return on investment. To prove this, view the example below.

If you were to do 2 evaluations per day that cost your clients $200 each, you would make $400 per day.

If you make $400 per day times 300 days in a year, you would make $120,000 per year.  (Note: There are 365 days in a year so this number could be higher)

It would take you 1-2 hours to complete each evaluation leaving you plenty of free time to do whatever you wanted for the rest of your day. Working 2-4 hours a day is not bad.

Now imagine if you did 3-4 evaluations per day and offered court mandated classes as well. That number is even higher. Do the math and see the value in this training. It’s a no brainer.

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How To Start A Court Mandated Private Practice (

If you would like coaching with Derek Collins, sign up for his 6-month coaching program. In this program, Mr. Collins will meet with you on weekly Zoom calls to go over your business and provide you with strategies to help you grow fast. This is the fastest way to hit your goals without making all of the mistakes. This investment is $10,000. When you are ready, click the link below to apply.

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court approved facility


6-Months of Coaching 

If you are interested in taking your court mandated private practice to the next level apply to work with Mr. Collins, the CEO of the Diversion Center. With 12-years of experience in this field, Mr. Collins can give you the shortcuts and help you avoid costly mistakes. Instead of wasting your precious time scouring the internet for answers and landing on dead ends, sign up for Zoom calls with Mr. Collins. He will meet with you to discuss your business and give you proven strategies that will help you make money now. He will give you insider tips and strategies to take your private practice to the next level. If you feel stuck, Mr. Collins will help you get unstuck and bring clarity to your situation. This is an exclusive offer for serious entrepreneurs that are ready to level up. If you are not ready to invest in your business, this may not for you. But if you are tired of feeling unsatisfied with your income and you need some profit building solutions now, this is opportunity is for you.

Do 2 alcohol and drug evaluations a day at $200 per evaluation and make $400 per day.

$400 per day times 300 days is $120,000 per year.  (Note: There are 365 days in a year)

Add more evaluations, classes, and other services and you can make more.

In the one-on-one coaching sessions, Mr. Collins will show you how to easily to the above and more. If you want to speed up the process and do what your competition won’t do, sign up for coaching with Derek Collins. Investment $10,000 for 6-months.

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How to start a private practice working with court mandated clients (ZOOM Training) 

Sunday October 15, 2023 

1pm to 6pm  EST 

Investment $997

In this training you learn how to start a private practice working with court mandated clients. But more importantly you will learn how to market yourself online. In today’s digital era, it’s no secret that clients are using smartphones to find services. Yet, a significant number of therapists—including counselors, social workers, and coaches—haven’t fully tapped into the potential of online marketing.

In this transformative session, you’ll be empowered to:

  1. Launch a Robust, Recession-Proof Business by offering court-mandated classes and evaluations.
  2. Master Effective Marketing Strategies to maximize profit.
  3. Tap into Evaluation Techniques for potential 6-7 figure income.
  4. Boost Your Credibility in the industry.
  5. Network & Collaborate with professionals to optimize your efforts and reduce your workload.
  6. Implement Telehealth Solutions like Zoom to both save costs and enhance revenue streams.
  7. Carve Your Niche for more streamlined income avenues.
  8. Secure Business Grants that don’t need to be repaid, fueling your business growth.
  9. Find Affordable Office Spaces to maximize your ROI.
  10. Operate Strategically to achieve more with less effort.

Target Audience: Licensed therapists, social workers, and professionals aspiring to establish a court-mandated program.

Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Online Training: Dive deep into how to conduct court-mandated alcohol and drug evaluations.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join the Court Mandated Training Facebook Group, featuring over four years of video resources and coaching to seamlessly kickstart and manage your private practice.

Training Details: Date: Sunday, October 15, 2023 Time: 1 pm to 6 pm EST Platform: Zoom (The link will be dispatched to your email post-purchase).

Seize this opportunity to augment your professional prowess and drive unparalleled success.

Do what your competition is not willing to do.

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