Court Approved

Shoplifting & Theft Prevention Class

Shoplifting & Theft Prevention Class

A 3-Hour Court-Approved Class

If you have been caught shoplifting or otherwise stealing, you may be required to complete a 3-hour shoplifting & theft prevention class. Georgia requires that shoplifting offenders complete this one-time program as one of their plea or probation requirements. In some cases, individuals are required to complete programs from 5-15 hours for court; in these cases, we are happy to work out a program that will allow you to get the required hours.

Here at the Diversion Center we provide engaging, interactive, and effective court approved shoplifting prevention classes to clients that have been accused of theft or shoplifting.  This is a live instructor led course and we dive-deep into why people shoplift and steal.  We also expose the underlining issues that may cause kleptomania or compulsive stealing. We also offer solutions that our clients can use immediately after leaving class.

Simply give us a call and let us know what you need.

shoplifting & theft prevention class - court approved - Diversion Center

3-Hr Court-Approved Class

We discuss:

  • The underlining issues that trigger the impulse to steal.
  • Evaluate the strategies and tools that shoplifters and thieves use.
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence to promote recovery.
  • Gain relapse prevention strategies to assist you from re-offending.
  • Understand how anger and depression influences behavior. 
  • Learn how to be “smart and not strong.”
  • Learn how to develop self-awareness, know triggers, and avoid criminal behavior.
  • Gain deeper insight into the addiction by evaluating assessments and learning about the different types of shoplifters.
  • ​Self-esteem, depression, anger, professional development and consequences.
  • ​Potential employment opportunities for offenders that have multiple theft or shoplifting charges on their record.

Clients who usually take this class have been caught shoplifting at Walmart, Home Depot, Kohls, Target, Macys, and other retail stores.  You may also be required to take this class if you have been charged with Theft by Receiving, Theft by Deception, Auto Theft, Identity Fraud, Theft by Taking, etc.

​Shoplifting or theft can become an addiction if it goes unchecked. In many cases shoplifters and thieves get away with stealing many times before they are eventually caught.  If they keep stealing without negative consequences, it can easily become an addiction. This is why it is necessary to intervene before it becomes a bigger issue.  Many courts around the U.S. are beginning to recognize this issue and are mandating clients to attend shoplifting and theft prevention classes. Unfortunately, due to the shame associated with compulsive shoplifting and theft, many do not seek treatment to reduce the urge to steal. Due to this, we offer a safe non-judgmental environment for our clients to discuss their shoplifting and theft history and get the help they need.


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