In the U.S., approximately 7.8% of the population has some anger-related issue (inappropriate, intense, or poorly controlled anger). 

For those with anger issues, an anger management evaluation is often the recommendation. An anger management evaluation consists of a comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation typically covers family history, criminal history, state and trait anger expression, and coping skills.

Read on to learn the reasons why you may want to seek anger management services.

1. You Always See the Negative

The world is not always sunshine and roses, but the opposite is true as well. If you find yourself always looking at the glass half empty, then you may have some anger-related issues.

Not all anger-related issues are extreme or result in bodily harm; however, even low levels of anger are damaging to you and your family.

2. Continually Feeling Irritation or Frustration

Continually feeling irritated or frustrated is not healthy. It increases your blood pressure and can lead to heart attacks or strokes. If this is you, people may have called you hot-headed, stubborn, or even hostile. Take these words not as insults but as indicators that you may have anger-related issues and could benefit from anger management counseling.

3. Inability to Express Emotion without Anger

It is ok to be angry. It is also ok to be happy, sad, and even frustrated. However, often we are not taught how to express negative emotions appropriately. As a result, many people hold in their emotions until they “snap.” This snapping is often an angry outburst. Solving anger issues will allow you to express your emotions more effectively, thus preventing the “snap.”

4. Anger-Out Bursts

Does the smallest infraction result in the largest response? For example, it is common to get frustrated with other drivers, traffic, or even the server at your favorite coffee shop. However, if your anger does not match the problem, then you may have anger-related issues.  

5. Blaming Others, Rather than Taking Responsibility

If you find yourself always blaming others, then that may be an indicator of anger-related issues. We all need to take a moment and honestly assess any situation, then recognize our own role before criticizing the role of others. Evaluations for anger are not negative, but a positive way to reorient your thinking.

6. Out of Control Stress

While often the answer is anger management, stress may be the source of your anger. Living at a continually high stress level means your sympathetic nervous system is always in fight or flight mode. If you can’t flee, anger or the desire to fight can be normal.

This does not mean your anger is acceptable, but that you need to find other ways to handle your stress or, better yet, ways to reduce it. For example, anger management counseling can help you with both your stress management and the resulting anger outbursts.

Do You or a Loved One, Need An Anger Management Evaluation?

Contact us, and one of our team can help you schedule an appointment for an anger management evaluation. For faster results, call your local office. Remember, it only takes about an hour, and in the end, you will have the answer and a clear path forward to deal with your anger or other mental health issues.